1. Location: The Immigration Court is at 101 W. Congress Parkway, SW. corner of Clark St.

2. Parking and Transportation: On Clark, directly past the court building, is a parking lot indicating it is for Immigration. You can also get there by taking the Blue line train to LaSalle, the Red line to Harrison or Jackson, or the Brown line/Pink line to the Library stop.

3. Walk back to the front door of the building on Congress and go through security.

4. Getting to the Court Rooms: Approach the desk to the left on the other side of security. Tell the guard that you are observing in the Detained Immigration Court in the basement. Another guard will escort you down to the courtrooms.

5. Court Proceedings Times: Proceedings are held Monday through Friday, 9am to 12pm and Monday through Thursday, 1pm to 4pm. These starting and finishing times can vary depending upon the number and length of hearings being held. You can stay the whole session, or leave when you have to.

7. Court Rooms: The 2nd courtroom in the corridor has a sitting judge so try that room first. If court is not in session or there is a private hearing from which visitors are excluded, try the other courtroom, often the Judge appears via video teleconferencing. Occasionally; neither courtroom is in session so please come back another day.

8. Identifying Yourself as Court Observer: If you are there at the beginning of the session introduce yourself to the clerk and/or the Judge, telling them why you are there. If court is in process it is still ok to enter and at some point try to introduce yourself to the Judge, even when that Judge is appearing via video teleconferencing. Please wear your Court Watch button to identify yourself.

9. Going to Court: If you are a first time volunteer, please contact Court Watch volunteer coordinator, Mary Naftzger, or call 773-373-7805 to let her know when you will be attending court and if you would like an experienced volunteer to go with you. Since the Court room is small, generally two watchers are more than enough.

10. Posting Observations: Please document your observations following the format described in “Guidelines for Court Watch Observations,” and send them to Mary Naftzger via e-mail. She will post them on the Court Watch blog linked to the CRLN website. Please periodically check the website, to read other Court Watch observations that will be posted there.

11. Questions: If you have any questions, please contact one of the following:
Mary Naftzger, Court Watch volunteer coordinator,, 773- 373-7805.
Jenny Dale, Chicago New Sanctuary Coalition Coordinator (A project of CRLN) or 773- 293-3680

Immigration Court Watch is a program of the Chicago New Sanctuary Coalition,
Sisters of Mercy and Sisters and Brothers of Immigrants


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