Court Watcher’s Name; Date and Time of session

Names of Judge and Government Lawyer

Who appeared in Court, who via video, who by phone etc (except interpreters, covered in #6)

1. Was the Judge aware of your presence as Court Watcher?

2. Was there an opportunity to interact with any family, or others present in Court?

3. List the countries of origin and the numbers of people from each country.

4. If these can be determined: what is the time each respondent spent in the US before being put into removal proceedings? and what is the time spent in detention before appearing at this hearing?

5. Access to legal counsel: Does the judge satisfactorily explain the respondents’ right to legal counsel and make sure the respondent has an updated list of resources?
What percentage of respondents have a lawyer? Comment on the quality of the representation and describe any negatives or unusual circumstances about any respondent’s lawyer.

6. Interpretation: List the % of interpreters that were live vs telephonic. State the languages that were interpreted and the % of times they were used. Comment on the quality of the interpreting provided and describe any incidents of concern (or any positive happenings.)


7. Final decisions. List the number deported, given voluntary departure or granted some form of relief and state the percentages in each category who had legal counsel. Describe the grounds on which any respondent was granted relief. Include only detained immigrants.

8, General courtroom conduct: professionalism of judge, attorneys, staff, etc. .

9. Other happenings of note not covered above or any other comments.


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