S. Yanum & A. Schultz, 5/25/11

Master Calendar/Bond Hearings May 25th
General courtroom conduct: professionalism of judge, attorneys, staff, etc. .
Judge DiMarzio seemed pretty respectful and professional. DHS Atty. Wong was actually pretty disrespectful when he was asking questions of Luis, the second respondent who had an outstanding cocaine charge. He asked sarcastically why Luis didn’t show up for court – “just because you didn’t feel like it?” Luis didn’t seem to understand the sarcasm (was through interpreter) or the significance of the question. It was obvious that Atty. Wong was making Luis out to be someone who was going to flee and just didn’t care. In my (limited) experience, it could just as easily have been that he didn’t realize or understand how/when he had to go back (he’d spent time in jail b/c he couldn’t pay bond – he thought he just got let out after a few days and that he’d basically “done his time.”) So without making any moral comment on Luis’ character, I did think that Atty. Wong could and/or should have been more professional/less sarcastic.


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