Observations on 3/17/11, Fr. Jim

R-4 Via TV from Tri-County Jail. IL D.O.B. 11-14-87. COUNTRY/ORIGIN: Mexico. TIME IN US: Since 2000. TIME IN DETENTION: ? LAWYER: Present in court. INTERPRETER: Not used. OUTCOME: Bond set for $3,000. ISSUES: R’s brother and brother’s wife were present in court. R’s lawyer requested a bond hearing. Judge began the bond hearing. Judge invited R’s brother to give testimony in R’s behalf. R’s brother entered in 12-06-83 and is a legal US resident. R’s parents are US residents. R has three US children, one born yesterday. Judge asked why R did not have a legal US resident card? R’s brother explained that R did not apply for legal residence until 3 years after his parents had applied. R and his brother have a business. A number of years ago, R’s brother walked into the business and found his parents and R badly beaten up. Later, R was arrested for driving without a license. ICE said that R has five driving arrests and pressed this issue. R’s car is now impounded. He can no longer drive it. R’s brother said that he has a driver’s license and will drive R to and from work – the brothers now have a new business. R was taken into custody by ICE in 2009. He was released on bond in 2009. R reported to ICE faithfully. R is in detention now for driving without a license and public intoxication. R’s brother said that R has memory problems due to a motorcycle accident (R was a passenger on the motorcycle). ICE pressed R on numerous driving without a license charges and reckless driving charges and on not reporting to state court. R said he was in ICE custody so he couldn’t report to the state court. R was also arrested in IN for Identity Theft in 1983 (R was born in 1987). Judge granted the request for a bond and set it at $3,000. ICE did not appeal. R’s case continued to April 14, 2011, which will change if R is able to post bond before April 14.

R-5 Via TV Tri County, IL, jail. D.O.B. 12-17-68. COUNTRY/ORIGIN: Mexico. TIME IN US: some 20 years. TIME IN DETENTION: ? LAWYER: NO. INTERPRETER: Used. OUTCOME: Continued and granted a bond for $1,500.

ISSUES: R’s wife was in court. Judge invited R’s wife to speak to him to encourage him to ask for bond hearing today. Wife told R that she had $1,600 in cash from R’s employer so he could get a bond. R’s wife also gave the judge a letter of testimony on R’s behalf from R’s employer. The bond hearing began. R’s wife is a US citizen. R has no children. R’s parents are dead. R has no siblings in the US. R is employed in construction. In 2010, R was apprehended by ICE and release on bond. R was arrested on DUI in Feb. 2011. R pleaded guilty and spent a month in prison. Judge questioned R on why the DUI when he was out on bond? Also, R had driven into a parked car. ICE asked R if this DUI was his only arrest. R said NO and then admitted numerous arrests for public intoxication, giving a false name, one domestic battery and one assault on a police officer. R then explained the domestic battery and assault of a police office for which he got 2 days in jail. Judge recalled R’s wife. They have been married 4 years. She has health problems and needs him. R has raised her grandson. There is an AA group nearby and she strongly supports him in dealing with his alcoholism. R has never abused her and she really needs him to help her with her health problems. Judge granted bond of $1,500. ICE will appeal the bond.


1 Response to “Observations on 3/17/11, Fr. Jim”

  1. August 21, 2014 at 5:54 am

    Having read this I thought it was very enlightening.

    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this information together.
    I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and posting comments.
    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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