Br. Bede’s observations

From: Bede Baldry
Subject: Court Watch

Greetings This was a visit at Court Watch on Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 11, 2010
Judge Fujimoto
Government Lawyer: Green

It was a bad dayfor the government lawyer. At one point she said in a strong tone to the lawyer, “Don’t threaten us”. The lawyer was asking for clarification because the government showed her some papers that she didn’t know about.
I met the different lawyers that day and they were happy we were there.
Most cases were Mexican.
Many volunteer departures.
The Judge was trying to be helpful.
The Judge knows me and asks where I have been. We had a nice discussion.
I took someone with me today.

There were about 12 Mexican and then others.

The last case I was there for was a Kenyan man. This is where the government lawyer got excited. The Kenyan’s lawyer was just trying to figure something out as she didn’t have the new information.
I did talk to the lawyer after that. She is willing to help out wherever she can. Wonderful woman.


Bede Baldry, FSC
Cell 773-332-7879
Brother David Darst Center,
2834 S Normal Ave., Chicago, IL 60616, Tele: 312.225.3099


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